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Nov 4, 2012 10:00am EST
surprise in this final week. but now we're coming into this final week, both campaigns back to full speed campaigning. do you see either side having momentum in these final 48 hours? >> if there's a momentum change, it's due to hurricane. which would have slowed romney's momentum. i'm not sure people after nine months of campaigning are paying attention to this. david axelrod said that presidential campaign is an mri for a soul. at the end, you know the soul of both these guys. i think the country knows, this is a choice not an echo collection. they're ready to vote. >> some have already voted. >> matthew, dowd you look at our poll, 48-48. today, you go back six months, almost exactly the same. >> the most interesting thing about this, which is why it's very akin to 2004, the stability of this race, there was no romney momentum after that first debate. he took back three, four points. that race went to where it was. it stayed there for flee weeks. i do believe that sandy has had an effect. monday morning, mitt romney would have won the popular vote and electoral vote. what happened during
Oct 28, 2012 9:00am EDT
romney. who's bluffing right now? >> both are bluffing. because no one knows at this point. what we do know is that the trends the last few weeks favor mr. romney. what will interrupt that trend if anything? who knows? >> the question is andrew sullivan has the trend already been interrupted. some signs that romney's momentum peaked last week. >> the last three weeks, the swing state polls haven't changed. they were the same three weeks ago. the bumps that obama got from the second set has stabilize. unless you know you're right, unless this abc news poll in ohio, to me is stark news. >> you mean the ohio poll. >> that changes the equation. the last three weeks, look at owl of the swing states polls, everything in them, it's been the same race. >> nicolle wallace, that first ra debate. >> i agree that the polls in ohio is really the only one that matters. i don't buy that there's a path without ohio for romney. so, what they're pointing to this morning, what does suggest something that may be destabilizing the post-debate stability, the demos moines register editorial could have a ripp
Oct 28, 2012 10:00am EDT
both made a gamble. but the romney campaign made a gamble that enough women cared about the economy and economic issues more than or at least as much as -- >> in the debates, obama related women's issues to family and economic issues. he didn't isolate it that way and, of course, the big elephant in the room is that romney showed up on october the 3rd like an alien ripped off his mask and said, i'm brand new now. >> but we liked him. we liked him. isn't that the point? we liked him better. >> it was like -- he has evolutionary ideology. >> you know, andrew, at this point in the campaign, all that matters is who has the last-minute enthusiasm. i don't know about the word momentum. i think that comes fretted with meaning. i think enthusiasm. you can't argue that the republicans who have gotten a little depressed were enthused. after that debate. the president won the last two. romney won the first one and romney won all three. it's a distraction for both candidates. to aukt -- talk about the joys of bipartisan ship. >> it's a fundamental issue. when i become president, we won't have parti
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)